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We Provide truck, movers, dolly and equipment needed to complete your move.
For 1-2 bedroom apartment/house with 17' truck
$85 an Hour for Two Movers and Truck
(Minimum Charge of 3 Hours Applies - 3 hrs work plus 1 hour travel time)

For 2-3 bedroom apartment with 17' truck
$105 an Hour for 3 Movers and Truck
(Minimum Charge of 4.5 Hours Applies - 3.5 hrs work plus 1 hour travel time)

For 3-4 bedroom apartment with 24' truck
$120 an Hour for Three Movers and Truck
(Minimum Charge of 5 Hours Applies - 4 hrs work plus 1 hour travel time)

Travel Time
A flat travel time of one hour is charged for all local moves within Ottawa. If pickup location is located 60 kms or more from First Ottawa Movers office location a flat travel time of two hours will apply.

Minimum Charge
For local moves that originate in Ottawa, minimum charge will be 4 or 5 hours. Flat rates are available for both local and long distance moves. Please contact us for details.

Binding Estimates
With a Written Binding Estimate for your move, the price we quote is the price you pay! A Written Binding Estimate is the correct legal term for a “flat” price, as opposed to an hourly estimate. An on-site moving estimate is required in order for First Ottawa Movers to provide a Written Binding Estimate (it is illegal to give binding moving estimates over the phone) and is based on the agreed upon inventory of goods to be moved and services to be provided. As we have an opportunity to physically evaluate the goods, we are able to offer a flat price. If inventory of items changes or increases during the move, First Ottawa Movers will recalculate and provide a revised estimate.A flat rate is usually 10 to 20 percent higher then an hourly rate.